Saturday, April 05, 2008

Round, Round, Get Around, I Can't Get Around

Really. It's hard. I want to pay more attention to my peeps, see what you are all doing on your blogs. The work marathon persists, however, and it's all I can do to eek out a quick jaunt to a few slices of paradise's pie when I get home at 8:30 every night. It's as though I have not been home for several months. Well, since about October. This will all be over come flying weather. We get a good week of blue skies in July. Can't wait.

Every once in a while, though, I can lay some eggs and let whomever has the notion to help incubate, do so. So.....plop.

(Oh---and, tink...)

Be sure to click on the pics to get them into some good CSI'ing position. Especially for Ray. You'll see....

When these flowers open, they are stunning. We eat the fruit in the fall.

This is Ray Eggman. Long time family friend who lives down the road a piece. Ray Eggman is a bee man. See? Bee.

That's my Dad...

My father sometimes cures a prosciutto. The process is easy. Waiting 9 months to eat it is difficult. Prompted by Joe, I had to CSI this sucker real close to find out what exactly it is Mrs. Gawpo, Sr. is eating back there. It's a bag of mixed fruits and nuts with M&Ms that she'd just purchased at Costco. BAM! Case closed, Joe. This was not easy. But I did it in the first 48 and that's all that matters. That's my sister, Karen helping with the hoist.

Judging by size, it is more important to go slow than the cats themselves. Odd sentence. But I'm leaving it like that. You can see my shadow to the right.

A tree in my sister's yard. This little guy had somewhere better to be.

So after giving up my seat, I got to chatting with a very nice couple who were waiting for their children to arrive on a flight from Seattle. We got to talking about cameras. I pulled out the 300mm and happened to see something I hadn't seen in over 30 years: a jackrabbit. Out on the taxiway. I was enthralled. I ignored everything else.

See in the upper left hand corner of the frame? Yeah. That's the tip of the elevator. That means tail wing in non-airplane-dude talk. That elevator is about to begin pulling away from the terminal dock. I still don't realize that I am supposed to be ON that plane, contributing something to the weight and balance. The time was 2:18:55. The plane was scheduled to depart at 2:20.

Here it is. My plane. Nose wheel off. Me still on. Dang.

I had some time to kill. This woman was talking to a soldier in desert camo. She listened intently and I snapped a few as the exchange went along. All of a sudden the soldier must have said something terrible, something so graphic that she vomited with her skin. I had no idea there were muscles in our faces that could make us do this.

I took this picture of the lady getting off the bus and didn't realize until I zoomed in to see what I had that she was really stepping off the river and those two guys were cheering wildly her transition to land. They are looking right at her. Nice, huh?

Finally, ain't no doubt about it---this is one of Ray's. Flower people, please tell me what this blossom is.