Friday, August 31, 2007

PARANOMASIA or "Yes Ma'am!"

Turns out that Candace is a punster. Punster of all punsters, actually. And of course, Gawpo has himself been known, on third and long, to occasionally drop back ten yards and pun. So it seemed appropriate to delve.

The "Yes Ma'am" part of the title to this post comes from a comments interaction with Candace during which time she pretty much commanded me to post again. So, being the obedient soldier that I am, I basically said, "How high?" What I didn't want was a flank assault by Armander. When Candace says, "Dance," then it's time to do the BOSSanova. Working SWINGshift affords plenty of opporTUNEity to STEP up to the plate.

There is one other fellow Blogger who can pun with the best of 'em. I wonder what she will come up with?

Now let's just think for a minute. Where do you think puns come from? Cabbage patch is out. I already checked. Thought I'd give you a HEADS up. Got to the CORE of that myth. Not a SHRED of truth to it. And I had to LEAF through four books until I found the answer. Let me tell you, when I got there, I couldn't believe what I slaw.

See? It's not only painful. It's fun.

In paranomasial fashion, you too can amaze friends (well, soon-to-be former friends) with your clever wit.

After reading about puns, I learned something that I did not know before. And that is that a pun can be considered word play based on something other than to treat homonyms as synonyms. And you can read all about that here.

Remember Norm Crosby? I found a great quote by him that goes: "When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty."

Norm was the King of the malapropism. He spoke from his "diaphragm" and drank "decapitated" coffee. Personally---and thanks to high doses of Norm in the 60s---I often refer to the person who greets me in the doctor's office as the "perceptionist." Mr. Gawpo, Sr. was full of these malapropisms. Come on. When I can get a psychiatrist friend to double over in laughter every time I see his pager and I refer to him as an "on-call-ogist," it's all worth it. Believe me---that right there is some funny stuff.

I don't know what you would call a person who reverses the first letters of words. But that's me. Such utterances as "sockcucking, futhermucking bunofasitch" are not words I have heard anyone else come up with. Thumb to kink of it, that's not such a thad bing, now is it?

Enough about puns. Now this completely unrelated quote....


The following quote comes from a performer who plays the guitar and sings. Any guesses (without Google-ing!)?

"All I can think of is my love for James Taylor," he said. "Do I have every one of James Taylor's records? Yes. Do I have the Greatest Hits album that's just the white cover. Yeah. ... Do I have his latest greatest hits [CD] that has those same things on it? Yeah, I do. And, for me, the reason why James is worth it is because his music is the soundtrack of my life."


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thanks To Candace (Fidel Castro Might Be Dead)

Candace brought me to realize that a post really doesn't have to be all that involved. She suggests just taking a short moment to pop in, say hello, and call 'er good.

So I says to myself, I says-----yeah. Wine ott? Short. Sweet.

This has always been the bane of my existence. This has always been the albatross that hangs around my neck. This has been my Achilles heel. I will procrastinate if I can't do something perfectly. I won't send that birthday card because I don't find just the right one. I place requirements on myself that I would never think of placing on another.

What is a bane, anyway? Is there a cure for that? Bane surgery, maybe?

So here it is, Peeps. A big, fat hello. A perfect howdy. A shout out to my favorite people in the whole, wide world.

And there will be TONS of flying pics to come.

There. Done. See ya in the comments box.

And now, the news: READ THIS

And if that wasn't enough, here it is in living color: The Fall Of Fidel Castro