Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice

I can't believe my LUCK! Seems like just about every other day on my logging road ventures to or from my house, I either see an owl, or in this case, an Al....

Uh-oh. The Al sees me. Yet remains, cautiously transfixed on the creature with that strange contraption pressed to his face, making clicking sounds. What could it be?, he thinks to himself. Will it hurt me? Should I stay? Or should I go? Phight, Phlight, or Phone Phor help?

You're up, Joe. Which Al is this? Genus and Species, please. The white crown and dayglow orange breast should give it away. But I'm.......(sorry).....STUMPED.

This explains it all. Nesting. The female of the species must be out looking for food. The DQ is 10 minutes away.

As you can clearly see, the Al is still looking at the spot I so stealthily (how else could I get these incredible shots?) vacated. Little does he know that his awkward fledglings are completely safe. And that there are plenty of cones for them to eat. In fact, this is the very picture of.......(sorry again)........chipper.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hoo You Lookin' At?

Three days ago, just as I was about to turn up from the logging road onto the driveway proper, this caught my eye. Leaping out of a red alder, and with a smaller, darkly plumed unidentified flying object in hot pursuit (smaller than a robin), the stealthy and normally nocturnal B-1 Bomber of the forest made its way across the logging road, left to right, and lighted in another alder, giving me time to furiously fumble for the 300VR and get it swapped out with the 28-55 before the next leg of the flight. Just as I stepped from the car, the bird flew from right to left, over the logging road/driveway junction and lighted in one of my doug firs. Perfect. We spent some time there, eyeball to eyeball, while the lens sucked in the beauty of this very rare opportunity, yet just one of many that remind me why I live where I do.